Horison Hotel, Bandar Lampung
October, 23rd-24th 2018

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, the use of technology is becoming an important requirement. Even established companies should adopt digital technology to ensure business existence. If we are still pegged to the old business model that ignores the use of technology, it will be quite possible business rolled and sinking. Currently, digital disruptions begin to corrode a number of sectors, such as transportation, retail, finance, and logistics. Perhaps, that time hardly imagine when buying clothes only a few clicks in the device. No longer need to spend on transportation or energy to go to the shopping center. Changes in people's lifestyle should be an alarm for businessmen. Picking the future up is a duty.

It begins an integrated digital transformation. This effort is not only on the customer service (Front Office), but also touching the operational support team (Back Office). Numbers of companies began to realize the importance of digital transformation with the utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT). Take for example, in the banking sector. Modernization based on financial technology continues to be developed so that customer service quality becomes more maximal. The process of financial transactions is also faster

Digital based business is the future of Indonesian economy. This is not just a jargon, because based on the statistical data also confirms the increasingly massive digital economy in Indonesia in the next few years. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is projecting in 2020, the digital economy of the country is going to grow to be 130 billion US dollars or IDR 1,700 trillion. The projection figure reached 20 percent of Indonesia's total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

It is “No Less Crucial” than simply transforming business toward digital. The “No Less Crucial” is the ability to use data. It is undeniable that data is increasingly becoming an important requirement in business. Companies need to use the data to find the advantages and disadvantages in the undertaken operation. The arrangement of production process or building operation, for example, can be more focused with strong data analysis. Over time, the company's awareness of the importance of data also began to increase. This is as reflected from recent International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Data Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide report. The report said the revenue of large data technology and its big data analysis (BDA) globally reached 150.8 billion US dollars (around IDR 2,000 trillion) in 2017. The value jumped 12.4 percent over the previous year.

The universities in Indonesia are considered to be prepared to face the changes in “The Digital Disruption Era of the Shocked Era with Digital Technology”. It should also be supported by the government by preparing a supportive regulation. If you do not make changes quickly to the digital era, then gradually the college will be left far behind

ICITB 4.0 will be held on
Activities : 4th International Conference Technology and Business ( 4th ICITB) 2018
Place : Horison Hotel, RA. Kartini Street, Bandar Lampung. Lampung
Date : tuesday-wednesday/ October 23rd-24th, 2018
Time : 08.00 AM until 05.00 PM

  • Be a forum for communication and discussion among the academic community and its stakeholders related to the development of innovation strategy model in disruption era.
  • Introduce the research results from the academic community and the world of research that can be used as a source of innovation-based competitive advantage to the business world.
  • Provide an understanding of disruption and its impact on business life in Indonesia to the academic community and its stakeholders.
  • Civitas Academia and stakeholders from any fields can share and transfer knowledge to develop the best innovation strategy model in facing technological disruption era.
  • The Research results from the world of research can be introduced and used as a competitive advantage in the era of disruption by industry and business.
  • The various parties can understand and absorb the nature of technology disruption era and the opportunities it presents

  • Lecturers and Higher Education Researchers
  • University Students
  • Government Officer
  • Private and Government Profesional Company
  • General

  • Abstract Submission (1st Phase) due on June 1st-10th, June 2018
  • Full Paper & Payment (2nd Phase) due on July 1st-31st, 2018
  • Abstract Submission (1st Phase) due on August 1st-31st, 2018
  • Full Paper & Payment (2nd Phase) due on September 1st-30th, 2018
  • Event due on October 23rd-24th, 2018
Full Paper Submission and Payment Confirmation are able to do by visiting ICITB 2018 website.
The Best Paper will be published at:
  • Hasanudin Economics and Business Review (UNHAS)
  • Darmajaya International Journal of Economics and Business (DARMAJAYA)
  • International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informatics (UAD)
  • Journal TELKOMNIKA (UAD)
  • Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business (UGM)
  • Indonesia Journal Computing and Cybermetrics System (UGM)
  • Indonesia Journal of Electronicsand Instrumentation System (UGM)
  • Jurnal VENTURA, STIE Perbanas Surabaya
  • Jurnal Kursor, Universitas Trunojoyo

  1. National Participant
    • Lecturer, Practitioners, and General : IDR 1.500.000-
    • Doctoral Program Student : IDR 1.000.000-
    • Master Program Student : IDR 750.000-
    • Bachelor Program Student : IDR 500.000-
  2. Non-Presenters
    • Lecturer, Practitioners, and General : IDR 600.000-
    • Program Student (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) : IDR 400.000-
  3. International Participant
    • Presenters : $150-
    • Non- Presenters : $100-
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